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Real Estate Photography by Shamrock+

Real Estate Photographer: 3 Secrets For A Quick Sale

Real Estate Photography by Shamrock+
Real Estate HDR Photography by Shamrock+

During the beginning of COVID-19, we reached out to our Real Estate Clients to help them continue to run their businesses even if they had physical limitations due to safety concerns. We assured them that hiring a professional Real Estate Photographer like Shamrock+ was the smart move. Our team found out very quickly that our Clients needed our services like photography and virtual tours to not only look great, but to be delivered quickly. And, they’d like it if we could do it without really touching anything. Even today, this happens to be one of our strong suits.

Luckily, our Real Estate Services have evolved to being essentially touch-free from the moment we confirm the photo shoot to the time we deliver the good stuff. Our team instantly gets to work:

  • ensuring the weather looks good for the day of the shoot
  • confirming that the Agent and homeowners know we’re coming – clean, baby, clean!
  • providing our pre-shoot checklist to ensure a ‘no touching, please’ experience
  • allowing the Agent to proof the photos to choose their absolute favorites for the MLS listing
  • making the magic happen to turn those house photos into house sellers
  • providing digital photos that are MLS-ready to get that sucker on the market ASAP
  • sending an invoice after services performed, payable by your preferred method

Throughout the process (of improving our process), we kept hearing of these 3 easy things that make for a great listing. So we make it simple and offer these things on every Real Estate listing package. From the tiny fixer-upper to the lavish luxury estate.

Shamrock+ Aerial Photography on Tybee Island, GA

3 Helpful Tips

Up first: Post. Great. Photos. Shamrock+ has taken more photos in our history than providing any other offering, so we know a thing or two about what it means to be a great real estate photographer. Our Professional Photographers go through a rigorous training program before we release them into the real estate wilderness. With that training comes our real estate photography shot list, knowing what to fluff and stuff, and editing the photos to show the listing in all it’s high-resolution High Dynamic Range (HDR) beauty. Plus, add that to our ability to custom-fit the shoot to your needs, and there’s no downside. If you tell us we absolutely have to get the shot with the built-ins in the living room, or skip the shot with the outdated green toilet in the guest bathroom, we got you.

Next, Provide a 3D Interactive Virtual Tour. Full stop.

Okay, we won’t really stop there, but we wanted to make the point. Since this whole COVID thing popped up, the virtual tour game has kept houses selling. Our 3D Interactive Virtual Tours (not those half-baked “virtual tours” some of our competitors offer) provide a prospective buyer with a view of nearly every square inch of the home, inside and out (if you’d like). Don’t waste precious space in the listing description explaining how the dining room with customized chair-rail wainscoting is just off the welcoming entry….literally show them in 3 dimensions! The Shamrock+ team has created hundreds of Matterport virtual tours with the goal of getting people to see the house. Our Clients know, those prospective buyers might just be it in their pajamas viewing from their couch, or from across the globe. Either way, we can get you listing ready in no time. From there, all’s all you.

Bringing it Home

Finally, the third thing on our list to improving your Real Estate Listings: Find the Value in Shamrock+. We know the market is [still] on fire, but our pricing really hasn’t changed. What has changed is our ability to adapt to an ever-changing market, refine our processes, and perfect our deliverables for you. Our goal is to show you the value in calling on a professional real estate photographer like Shamrock+. Need a professional photographer? Check. Need a virtual tour? Check. Ready to upgrade to an all-in-one, one-call, one-stop-shop, I can’t believe it’s so easy to hire a truly full-service company for all of your Real Estate Photography (and more+) needs company? Big ol’ check on that one too.

Shamrock+ Aerial Real Estate Photography
Shamrock+ Aerial Real Estate Photography

Originally, we began as a Savannah drone company in 2017 (ever heard for Shamrock Drones‽), and while our strength is in our attention to customer service, our passion is in technology and innovation. We offer these benefits to real estate agents, along with all types of businesses looking to improve their visual solutions. We have helped dozens of real estate agents, and even some DIYers, virtualize their listings so that when they can’t meet their prospective buyers in-person, our photography and virtual tours save the day.

Hire a Full-Service Real Estate Photographer

In addition to the 3 easy ways to improve your listings, Shamrock+ offers a full-suite of Real Estate Services, including:

  • Real Estate Still HDR Photography
  • Real Estate Aerial (Drone) HDR Photography
  • 3D Interactive Virtual Tours
  • Listing & Neighborhood Videos (branded and unbranded)
  • Labeled Map Views
  • Dusk Shots & Virtual Dusk
  • Virtual Staging
  • Virtual Renovation & Renderings
  • VRBO & HomeAway 360 Publishing
  • 2D & 3D Floor Plans
  • Google Street View 360° Photo Integration
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Payment Options Available – Ask about our Real Estate 50/50 Deal!
  • And More+

Lastly, along with our Real Estate Photographer Services, we offer photography and interactive virtual tours to the world. Not only for home sales, but also for hotels, event spaces, manufacturers, and any space that conducts business. We can also be hired to complete time lapse videos, live stream feeds, or capture interval construction progress documentation. Let us be the eyes and ears of the project, which will reduce exposure and costs without losing resources. Our free consultations, work performance, and invoices can all be done in a contactless manner. Let us help keep your company moving forward.

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